Strategic Plan

2018-2020 Strategic Plan

Chamber Mission: To advance economic prosperity. 

Chamber Vision: To be the premier business organization in the region. 


Focus Areas


Business Impact Division

Goal: Serve as an impact organization for businesses. 

·        Engage in economic development. 

o   Impact traffic and transportation alternative planning initiatives. 

o   Influence positive business climate.

·        Foster collaborative regional leadership.

o   Weave together groups through shared goals and conversations.

o   Seek opportunities for alliance building.

o   Build THE regional table.

·        Advocate for business prosperity. 

o   Represent business’ interests in community discussions.

o   Leverage the collaborative private sector. 

o   Support officials who are making positive decisions for businesses. 


Investor Success Division

Goal: Greater investor success. 

o   Expand investor engagement.

o   Identify international investors and corporations then hold conversations concerning their specific needs.

o   Provide alternative education & networking avenues via technology-based distribution. 

o   Increased return on investment.

o   Provide opportunities for investors to better perform, become more profitable, and prosper.  

o   Promote Leadership Development

o   Serve as a source for strong leadership development.


Chamber Stewardship Division

Goal: Carry out the mission and vision with leadership and resources. 

o   Improved Financial Solidity

o   Develop and support revenue building strategies focused on member ROI, operating efficiencies, and financial sustainability.

o   Investor & Engagement Growth

o   Develop growth strategies that increase engagement by 5-10% annually.

o   Continuous Positive Strategic Direction

o   Determine three-year focus through a strategic planning initiative.