VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) SITE COORDINATOR

Atlanta, GA
Part Time
4 weeks ago

Part-Time: 20 hours/week from Feb1-April 15, 2024
Location: BPSOS-Atlanta

Position Overview:
The Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) Site Coordinator provides coordination, organization, and supervision for
all aspects of the VITA site operation. The VITA program serves low- and middle-income families, providing free tax
preparation and filing in Wapello and Jefferson counties. This is a part-time (20 hours per week average) seasonal position
that begins in February and ends the middle of April.
Primary Responsibilities:
• Maintain relationships with local IRS SPEC office for obtaining site materials and other pertinent information.
• Ensure that adequate supplies and equipment is maintained at the site.
• Act as a liaison to ensure needs are successfully addressed.
• Develop and maintain schedules for volunteers and employees to work at sites and ensure adequate tax
preparation and quality review coverage.
• Provide technical assistance to volunteers and mentor them on tax issues, as necessary.
• Train staff and volunteers on how to prepare and perform quality review of tax returns.
• Publicize sites and promotional activities throughout the community. Ensure free services are provided to all
• Gather/compile timely statistical reports and provide the reports to relevant sponsors, stakeholders and/or
• Monitor site(s) to ensure that an intake process includes the use of an intake sheet for every return, a quality
review is being conducted, privacy is being maintained and each return is identified with the site’s identification
• Supervise staff and volunteers of the site.
• Electronically file all returns.
• Ensure that taxpayer’s information is entered into the preparer’s use fields on each return.
• Resolve any tax return issues that “reject” during the transmission process. 10. Ensure that the screening, waiting,
assistance and quality review steps of the VITA process flow seamlessly.
• Ensure that clients are aware of their opportunity to participate in other services being provided at the site.
• Strong organizational, time management and communication skills.
• Basic tax knowledge (Form 1040 and supporting schedules).
• Complete all training and certification requirements. Pass the IRS Tax Test at the Advanced Level.
• Basic computer skills for inputting tax return information into tax software (TaxSlayer).
• Ability to work independently.
• Ability to manage all‐volunteer staff.
• Must be flexible and dependable with ability to work evenings and Saturdays.
• Must have dependable transportation, valid driver’s license, and proof of insurance.

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