Perimeter Chamber Supports Dunwoody Parks & Trails Bond for a Thriving Community

The Perimeter Chamber, a staunch advocate for a thriving Dunwoody, sees the upcoming Parks & Trails bond referendum as an essential step towards bolstering the city's quality of life and business landscape. The proposed bond aims to improve Dunwoody's parks, recreation areas, greenspaces, and trail systems. Such enhancements, according to Chamber officials, will not only make the community a better place to live but also encourage businesses to establish themselves in the area, benefiting both residents and entrepreneurs.


Speaking on behalf of the Perimeter Chamber, Chairman Adam D. Hill stated, "Our rationale for advocating in favor of the Bond Referendum lies in its potential to strengthen our business landscape. By positioning Dunwoody as an attractive destination, it can draw new businesses and individuals who, in turn, will support local commerce."


The Perimeter Chamber strongly encourages all citizens to get informed about the upcoming Parks & Trails bond referendum. If approved, the revenue generated from the bond will be dedicated to improving parks, recreation facilities, greenspaces, and trail systems, providing vital connectors for people who wish to travel safely through the city.


These investments in parks and trails are not just about recreational amenities; they are about fostering a sense of community and creating an environment that encourages people to call Dunwoody home. The chamber believes that by supporting this initiative, the city can continue to make Dunwoody a place to live, work, and play, while attracting new businesses and individuals to contribute to the city's ongoing success.


As the November 7th referendum date approaches, the Perimeter Chamber remains committed to championing this cause, convinced that it represents a bright future for Dunwoody and its residents. By voting in favor of the Parks & Trails bond, the citizens of Dunwoody have the opportunity to shape their city's future and ensure it remains a dynamic and attractive place for generations to come.

Chairman's Circle