Strategic Initiatives

The Perimeter Chamber has formulated strategic initiatives to support the prosperity of businesses in Perimeter and the State of Georgia. The initiatives focus on diverse, equitable, and inclusive economic growth; regional talent development; and accessible housing growth. The Chamber intends to lead the efforts to close the regional talent gap, increase housing diversity, and provide more accessible housing options. These initiatives will span three or more years and aim to address real problems faced by businesses in the current economic climate.

The Perimeter Chamber will enhance its influence by advocating for equity solutions, increasing outreach to diverse groups, and coordinating resources to promote equity in the region. The Chamber's focus is on ensuring that businesses have access to a skilled workforce required not only today but also in the future.

The Chamber aims to collaborate with government entities, examine current laws and regulations, partner with public and private planning entities, and engage with civic, business, and community groups to promote accessible housing. The Chamber has created task forces focused on each initiative, led by the Chairman's Council, to drive the initiatives forward, provide valuable insights, identify opportunities and devise effective strategies to propel the region forward.

To participate in these initiatives by contributing their time, expertise, or resources, interested individuals are encouraged to join the Chamber's Chairman's Circle


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